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Just make sure to be conscious of what you're eating during the break. Eat at maintenance, or slightly over, but not so much that you start gaining fat again.

Be prepared to gain a few pounds from the added food and increased water weight. This is nothing to worry about.

A Weight Loss Plateau Can Be Caused by Many Things

When people start to lose weight, things can happen very quickly in the beginning.

In the first few weeks and months, weight goes down fast and without much effort.

However, things slow down after that. In some cases, weight loss slows down so much that many weeks can go by without any noticeable movement on the scale.

A weight loss plateau can have many different causes (and solutions), and it doesn't necessarily mean that you aren't losing weight.

Water retention, for example, can often give the impression of a weight loss plateau.

This article here lists 15 simple ways to break a weight loss plateau .

Starvation Mode Is Real

Starvation mode is real, but it's not as powerful as some people think.

It can make weight loss slow down over time, but it won't cause someone to gain weight despite restricting calories.

It's also not an "on and off" phenomenon, like some people seem to think. It's an entire spectrum of the body adapting to either increased or decreased calorie intake.

Starvation mode is actually a terribly inaccurate term. Something like "metabolic adaptation" or "metabolic slowdown" would be much more appropriate.

This is simply the body's natural physiological response to reduced calorie intake. Without it, humans would have become extinct thousands of years ago.

Unfortunately, this protective response can cause more harm than good where overfeeding is a much, much greater threat to human health than starvation.

An evidence-based nutrition article from our experts at Authority Nutrition .

Written by Kris Gunnars, BSc on June 4, 2017
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Certain beverages have been shown to boost metabolism and decrease hunger. These are the 8 best weight loss drinks to help you slim down.

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This is a detailed meal plan for a low-carb diet based on real foods. What to eat, what not to eat and a sample low carb menu for one week.

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I’ve omitted a number of typographic properties to focus on the layout: Each .figure element is sized at roughly one third of the containing column, with the right-hand margin zeroed out for the two pictures at the end of each row ( li#f-mycroft, li#f-winter ). And this works fairly well, until the viewport is either noticeably smaller or wider than our original design. With media queries, we can apply resolution-specific spotfixes, adapting our design to better respond to changes in the display.

First of all, let’s linearize our page once the viewport falls below a certain resolution threshold—say, 600px . So at the bottom of our style sheet, let’s create a new @media block, like so:

If you view our updated page in a modern desktop browser and reduce the size of your window below 600px , the media query will disable the floats on the design’s major elements, stacking each block atop each other in the document flow. So our miniaturized design is shaping up nicely, but the images still don’t scale down that intelligently. If we introduce another media query, we can alter their layout accordingly:

Don’t mind the unsightly percentages; we’re simply recalculating the widths of the Columbia Mountain Hardwear Phases of Space Station Short 100 XXL Outlet 100% Original 1nhTvzEiu
to account for the newly linearized layout. In short, we’re moving from a three-column layout to a two-column layout when the viewport’s width falls below 400px , making the images more prominent.

We can actually take the same approach for widescreen displays, too. For larger resolutions, we could adopt a six-across treatment for our images, placing them all in the same row :

Now our images are working beautifully at both ends of the resolution spectrum , optimizing their layout to changes in window widths and device resolution alike.

But this is only the beginning. Working from the media queries we’ve embedded in our CSS , we can alter much more than the placement of a few images: we can Free Shipping Cheap Isabel Marant Meryl hoodie Grey Buy Cheap Official Site DYZcn
tuned to each resolution range, perhaps making the navigation more prominent in a widescreen view, or repositioning it above the logo on smaller displays.

But a responsive design isn’t limited to layout changes. Media queries allow us to practice some incredibly precise fine-tuning as our pages reshape themselves: we can increase the target area on links for smaller screens, better complying with Fitts’ Law on touch devices; selectively show or hide elements that might enhance a page’s navigation; we can even practice responsive typesetting to gradually alter the size and leading of our text, optimizing the reading experience for the display providing it.

Written on the business card Weinberger gave to potential subjects was this succinct message, practically an artist’s statement: “My favorite hobbies: the individual portrait and The Extraordinary . Always reachable by telephone after 7 PM.” His most extraordinary work, and his legacy, remains his pictures of the Halbstarken, a group of a few dozen youth he called “the unusuals” (literally, Halbstarke translates as “the half-strong”). They were perhaps Switzerland’s first true subculture, and they were few in number, but creatively deviant. Their doubled-up belts and massively oversize buckles, engraved with their hero Elvis’s name or visage, and their exaggerated, cartoonishly tall beehives (teased higher than Priscilla’s) and Weinberger’s “crotch shots” of the semi-exposed flies of their jeans make American Elvis fans look downright chaste. Weinberger captured them on the street with his Rolleiflex, much like Diane Arbus, and threw a backdrop behind them for more formal portraits. His relatively straightforward approach to those posed portraits gives credence to the Halbstarken’s wild interpretations of American greaser and rock ’n’ roll fashion and is a testament to the refreshingly organic and nonliteral and witty ways that pop culture was once visually translated around the globe. Decades before the Internet, the Halbstarken’s borrowed style is neither straightforward copy nor does it feel like appropriation, exactly. They operated a little like shoplifters who turned their pilfered pieces into something far more inventive and exciting than what had been advertised to them on the racks. “They seem at once surreal and ridiculous, like members of a remote cult that heard about American youth culture via short-wave radio,” wrote Ken Johnson in The New York Times in response to an exhibit of Weinberger’s work in 2004 .

In fact, the Halbstarken’s clothes more closely resemble the amped-up costumes worn by the likes of Divine, Ricki Lake, and Traci Lords in the John Waters films Hairspray and Cry-Baby . (It’s a connection Waters proudly acknowledges; he owns several Weinberger prints and wrote a forward to a previous volume of the photographer’s work.) Weinberger’s Swiss rebels, Waters has said, remind him of some of his favorite dressers around his Baltimore hometown. “These people have fashion gall, they were trendsetters!” he once told The Fader . The crotch shots and the rocker weddings are a far cry from Weinberger’s early focus on male workers in utilitarian suits, but their resolutely individually embellished outfits are their own uniform: the anti-norm. They were punk precursors, and runway precursors too—Martin Margiela’s early 2000s oversize belt buckles were inspired by Weinberger, as was a Versace Jeans Couture ad campaign shot by Steven Meisel.

Given fashion’s still seemingly insatiable appetite for reimagined denim, it’s impossible not to wonder what influence Weinberger’s Halbstarken series could prompt now, presented afresh. We’re in the moment, after all, of Re/Done’s recent high-rise ass-rip jeans (it is, as they say, what it is) and Vetements x Levi’s recent collaboration featuring a Y3 Classic Logo Print Jogger Pants Discount Browse uMGtW4h
, a style recently satirized by Saturday Night Live in an ad for “Woke” jeans . Just as, if not more radically, Weinberger’s subjects utterly deconstructed their jeans. They dispensed with the fly altogether and in place of zippers or buttons, they sealed them, to some degree, with metal studs or string, or in one case, a horseshoe, to irreverent and jarring and provocative effect. Denim designers aiming to reinvent the wheel, well, perhaps should look no further than the crotch. In any case, these are pictures well worth revisiting.

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Knight was 39 years old.

Posted July 11, 2018

T ragedy struck the UCLA family twice within two days.

is reporting that ex-UCLA star Billy Knight apparently committed suicide on Sunday, July 9. The former basketball player recorded a YouTube video in which he said,“This is probably my last message on Earth.” He detailed his struggle with mental illness, saying, “I isolated myself from my family members. I isolated myself from my friends, and that’s not something you should do. If this happens, you probably have a mental illness. Mental illness is serious. I hear voices in my head constantly, and I don’t know where they come from. I just asked God for forgiveness for all the wrong I’ve done.” We are not linking to the video.

Billy Knight

READ MORE:5 Powerful Moments From 2018 ESSENCE Fest In New Orleans

TMZ reports, “Shortly after the video was posted, the Phoenix P.D. says officers found Knight’s body in a roadway in downtown Phoenix.Officers say, ‘No evidence of foul play was detected,’ but the body has been sent to the Medical Examiner to determine the cause of death.” Knight was 39 years old.

In more sad news, Tyler Honeycutt, anotherUCLA basketball player, was found dead on Saturday, July 7. Honeycutt had a shootout with police at his home in Sherman Oaks, and The Los Angeles Daily News reports, “He reportedly barricaded himself after shots were exchanged, starting an 11-hour standoff.Initial reports had many to believe that Honeycutt was shot by police after he fired his gun at authorities. But a suicide is now being considered.”

Bort Escoto, his former high school coach who remained close to Honeycutt and his family, told The Los Angeles Daily News, “He’s been going through some things. He called me at around 4 p.m. (Friday), I planned on going to his house to talk, but his mom called me 45 minutes later saying, ‘He had a gun and was talking crazy.’ I told her to call 9-1-1.” He continued,“Recently, he’s been calling me and thanking me ‘for all I’ve done for him’. He has been acting very unusual lately, and our conversations would leave me concerned for him.”

Tyler Honeycutt was only 27 years old.

Our condolences go out to the friends and family of Billy Knight and Tyler Honeycutt.